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    The sport

    World's Ultimate Strongman
    On October 26th, Dubai becomes home to the “Strongman” champions for the first time in history. World’s most exciting championship arena at Bab al Shams will open its doors to host the biggest strongman event in the world!

    Strongman, the sport
    Athletes of unfathomable power perform feats of incredible strength speed & conditioning. The feats are a true test of one's Herculean strength and a spectacle not to be missed. Feats are called ‘events’ and the scoring system is based on total points per athlete.
    On October 26th the Strongmen will compete in the following Events (in running order):
    • Truck Pull
    • Arm over Arm Pull
    • Silver Dollar Deadlift
    • Yoke Walk
    • Press Medley
    • Atlas Stones

    WUS, the prize

    The one athlete that will conquer the rest, will go home with the major prize of 75,000 USD. Total prize money will be 150,000 USD.

    WUS, referees & presenter
    This will all happen under the supervision of our Magnus Ver Magnusson [four time World’s Strongest Man] & Darren Sadler [co-owner of Giants Live]. Legendary athletes need legendary referees, don’t they?!!

    If someone knows how to talk you through this day, it is our presenter Colin Bryce. He’s a legend in the strongman world and also known as the voice of Strongman with years of experience as a (TV) sports commentator!

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