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    Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy - World's Ultimate Strongman

    World’s Ultimate Strongman takes your privacy very seriously and shall process and use information about you in a safe manner.

    In this document the Privacy Statement of World’s Ultimate Strongman is clarified. We therefore advise you to peruse to this Privacy Statement attentively.

    This Privacy Statement is applicable to World’s Ultimate Strongman and its trade names.

    1. Who is World’s Ultimate Strongman?
    World's Ultimate Strongman Limited is an enterprise that produces, organizes and realizes sporting events through new concepts and formats along with their related media content . World Ultimate Strongman Limited is a registered BVI company with incorporation number 1978080

    2. Which information is collected and processed by World’s Ultimate Strongman?
    Contact information: If you register as a visitor of the website for the newsletter, buy something on the website or otherwise contact World’s Ultimate Strongman, you provide contact information to World’s Ultimate Strongman. World’s Ultimate Strongman stores your contact information on it servers. This contact information can among others consist of name, address and city of residence data, your e-mail address. The requested contact information can change from time to time.

    Automatically Generated Information; World’s Ultimate Strongman also collects automatically generated information about your surfing behavior during your use of the website and/or your account. World’s Ultimate Strongman can also request third parties, such as Google Analytics, to collect and process this information for it. This information consists among others of your IP-address (number of your computer that makes it possible to recognize your computer), the type of browser (computer program to watch internet pages) that you use and “cookies”.

    3. For which purposes shall World’s Ultimate Strongman use information about you?
    World’s Ultimate Strongman shall use your personal data for the following purposes:
    •  To offer the website and to provide the services to you
    •  To send you information concerning the own, similar services of World’s Ultimate Strongman
    •  To let anonymous statistical data be composed and to secure the service
    •  To provide your information to third parties on the basis of obligations in the law

    Use by World’s Ultimate Strongman. World’s Ultimate Strongman wants to keep you informed about the latest developments. If you have contacted World’s Ultimate Strongman in the past, then there is the chance that you receive information every now and then about World’s Ultimate Strongman and its events, whether or not by e-mail. This can for instance be the case upon updates, events and/or actions organized by World’s Ultimate Strongman. Also the possibility exists that World’s Ultimate Strongman sends you its newsletter. If you do not wish to receive messages about World’s Ultimate Strongman by e-mail, then you can de-register via info@worldsultimatestrongman.com

    A possibility to de-register is also included in each separate e-mail message. Do keep an eye in that case on the website, so that you know when there is a new update or extension. World’s Ultimate Strongman uses the above mentioned automatically generated information for statistical purposes as well as for security of the website and its services. These data can be provided to third parties to the extent that these cannot be retraced to you personally (no personal data). Use by third parties: Without your explicit permission World’s Ultimate Strongman shall not provide, sell and/or rent out your personal data to third parties for direct marketing purposes (for instance for the sending of advertising).

    World’s Ultimate Strongman can however provide your data to third parties to the extent that this is necessary is for the provision of its services to you and/or to the extent that these data cannot be traced you personally (such as automatically generated information not being your IP-address). Finally World’s Ultimate Strongman can provide your data to third parties if it is obliged thereto on the basis of stipulations in the law, it is necessitated thereto as a consequence of a court case and/or in the case it deems that necessary for the protection of its own rights.

    4. In which manner does World’s Ultimate Strongman protect your personal information?
    World’s Ultimate Strongman shall take suitable technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data against loss or against any form of illegal acquisition.

    5. Transfer enterprise
    Upon further growth and development of World’s Ultimate Strongman, it can happen that one or more parts or assets of the enterprise are transferred to a third party or that World’s Ultimate Strongman merges with a third party. In that case also your personal data can be transferred.

    6. Taking knowledge and improvement of your data
    If you want to know which personal data World’s Ultimate Strongman has recorded about you, then you can always contact our customer service via info@worldsultimatestrongman.com If you have an account, you can always view your own personal data and if necessary, change it yourself. If you want to know whether World’s Ultimate Strongman has recorded also other personal data about you or if you want to change your personal data that you cannot change in your account, then you can also contact our customer service via info@worldsultimatestrongman.com

    7. How far does the responsibility of World’s Ultimate Strongman go?
    The website can contain hyperlinks with which you leave the website and enter websites of third parties. World’s Ultimate Strongman has no say about the website of third parties to which links are made, it can be the case that on the use of these websites of third parties another privacy policy is applicable. This Privacy Statement only regards personal data that have been obtained via the Website or services of World’s Ultimate Strongman. World’s Ultimate Strongman accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for (the operation and/or content of) websites of third parties.

    8. Can this Privacy Statement be changed?
    This Privacy Statement can be changed. 

    9. Questions?
    Should you still have questions about this Privacy Statement then you can send an e-mail to info@worldsultimatestrongman.com

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