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    • Where can I buy tickets for WUS?

      You can buy tickets via bit.ly/wus-uae

    • Where will WUS take place?

      World’s Ultimate Strongman takes place at The Meydan Hotel Grandstand

    • When will WUS take place?

      WUS will take place on Friday October 25th, 2019, from 3pm till 12pm.

    • What are the opening hours?

      The doors are open from 3pm till 12pm.

    • What kind of event is this?

      World’s Ultimate Strongman is the ultimate day out for family and friends; an event where sports meet entertainment like you’ve never seen before. First of all, witness the biggest strongman event in the world as 15 of the strongest men from around the globe compete against each other in 6 different events. In addition, there will be a wealth of exciting activations, from spectacular shows to interactive (sports) activities that everyone can participate in - both kids and adults.

    • What are the Events for the Strongman competition?

      In order to win the title, the athletes have to take part in what’s called “events” these are the designed to push the Strongmen to their absolute limits, challenging not only their physical strength, but their agility and mental toughness too. These events are: Truck Pull, WUS Log Lift, Yoke and WUS Shield Carry and the world breaking Atlas Stones.

    • How much is the prize money?

      Total prize money is over 150,000 USD. First place being 75,000 USD

    • Which athletes are competing?

      For an overview of all competing athletes, take a look at our ‘The athletes’ section on this website.

    • Can I participate in activities myself?

      Yes, everybody with a WUS ticket can take part in Bench Bash, the Inflatable Obstacle Course, Bag Jump, Mobile Wall and Double Wipe Out by Warrior Events, Showbox, Platinum Heritage Activation and the UFC GYM Experience.

    • Is there a minimum age to enter WUS?

      No, WUS is for the young and the old! Everybody is welcome. In fact, kids under 12 even enter for free with every paying adult!

    • Is this a suitable event for kids?

      Yes, it certainly is! In fact.. 

      1. Kids under 12 enter WUS for free with every paying adult!
      2. Kids 0-4 years eat brunch for free with every paying adult
      3. Kids will not only be amazed by the spectacular shows and our epic Strongmen in action, but they can participate in several child-friendly activities as well. What we have for example: an inflatable obstacle course, the UFC Gym Experience, a face painter and a true mini strongman area!

    • Do kids need to have a ticket too?

      Kids don’t need to bring a ticket, bringing their ID’s is enough.

    • What is the difference between all the different tickets?

      A precise description of what is included in the tickets you can find on bit.ly/wus-uae.

    • Can I buy tickets for WUS at the door?

      Yes, there are tickets available at the door. The prices will be slightly higher with GA being 249 aed and VIP being 799 AED

    • Are (alcoholic) drinks included in the ticket price?

      VIP Tickets include 4hrs of unlimited food, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

    • Is food included in the ticket price?

      VIP Tickets include 4hrs of unlimited food, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

    • Can I bring my own food & drinks?

      No, you are not allowed to bring your own food and/or drinks. There will be a food court where you can get plenty of delicious different dishes and other delicacies.

    • Are there lockers available?

      There won’t be any lockers at World’s Ultimate Strongman.

    • Are there taxis available?

      Every ticket comes with a unique discount code, so be sure to check your ticket! There are taxis, Careems and Ubers available from the dedication station outside the venue.

    • Where can I park my car?

      There are a vast number of free car parking spaces available at The Meydan Grandstand.

    • Will WUS be televised or live streamed?

      You can watch it over 110 countries as of December or sign up to our livestream via Www.worldsultimatestrongman.com/livestream